Thursday, 16 April 2009


Through out the night we ran drawing games and competitions. Both models picked their favourite drawings during the competition poses and the lucky artists went home with Easter Eggs! The competition poses all had a theme which the artists had to incorporate into their drawing in order to be in with a chance to win an egg!

The First Theme was "The Sound of Music" - inspired by the singing goat that the models where posing with.

Sarah presenting Mary with her Prize

Tory presenting Chris with her Prize

The Second Theme was "Jeremy Kyle" - since the models where fighting over a basket of eggs

Tory presenting Vicky with her Prize

Sarah presenting Gwenan with her Prize

And the Final Theme was "The Best Incorporation of an Egg" - in honour of Easter of course!

Sarah presenting Sharon with her Prize

Tory presenting Tracy with her Prize

Well done to all those who walked off with an Easter Egg!

Photography by Ewart Hulse.

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