Saturday, 4 July 2009

Alternative Life Drawing 5: Camping

The 4th Alternative Life Drawing was held last night, and it was the most successful so far, so a big Thank You to everyone who came to draw! I also have to thank Paul, who was our model last night, it was his first time modelling and he did an excellent job! Thanks also to Llinos and Wendy [who brought people, trees and fire!] And Massive thanks to Trace and Ewart for the loan of their camping equipment, photography and photoshop skills! They're also responsible for the projected backgrounds, which we used for the first time last night, and worked brilliantly, so a big thank you for all their hard work!

Photos will be up for you all to see very soon. Next session will be on Friday the 7th of August, hopefully we'll see you there?

Photography By Ewart Hulse

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