Saturday, 22 August 2009

A.L.D.5 [Seaside] Prizewinners

To encourage our drawers to use their imaginations and bring out their competitive spirit we play drawing games and have competitions during the course of the night, where a theme or challenge is set which the drawers must incorporate into their drawing to stand a chance of winning a prize, and our model Sharon was of course the judge! so below are the photos of Sharon with the lucky winners!

Our First winner was Trace, who won for her transformation of the Body-Board - which she turned into a giant fish

Sara was our next winner for her drawing of Sharon climbing out of Milk Bottle [replacing the rubber ring Sharon was posing with]

Gwen was our final winner [although it was a close competition and Gwen eventually gave half her prize to Meg - who came a very close second - thank you Gwen, it avoided a catfight] the challenge for this competition was to add in a Sea Creature/Monster

And finally a special late entrant to the Sea Creature/monster competition from our photographer Ewart, who using his computer wizardry put together the above image

Photography by Ewart Hulse

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