Saturday, 22 August 2009

Alternative Life Drawing 6: HouseWives

Just to let you all know that the next session of Alternative Life Drawing will be held on the 4th of September [the First Friday of the month] Sharon will be returning as our model in a Housewives themed session.

To those who have never attended A.L.D we basically provide a relaxed and laid back alternative to the more tradition Life Drawing class, we provide a costumed model, props, set and poses all revolving around a theme [this time housewives] and you are pretty much free to draw whatever takes your fancy - we actively encourage the use of your imagination! The poses are short and quick to start with [anything from a minute to 5 mins] and gradually build up to some longer ones [normally between 10 -15 mins] we also have drawing games [e.g. draw with your left hand] and Competitions where your set challenges [e.g. incorporate a set object or theme into your drawing] and there are prizes up for grabs for the best drawings, but if you just want to come and draw and not join in the games and competitions that's fine too.
No previous drawing experience is required we welcome and encourage anyone to come along and have a go! However there is help available if you want it.

[Big thanks to Trace and Ewart for their help in putting the poster together as well!]

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